To Rhino Powerlifting Club South Africa

Rhino Powerlifting Club South Africa (Rhino) was established to pursue, without profit, the organisation, management and development of powerlifting for all its members. Our main objective is to grow and cultivate talent wherever we can find it. To that end we will host regional and national events conforming to the highest safety and technical standards providing a platform for our members to test themselves against their peers.

Rhino is affiliated to the Global Powerlifting Committee (GPC) and all competitions are conducted within the rules as laid down by the GPC. Being part of the global village provides the opportunity for Rhino members to qualify to compete at international level during the annual GPC world championships. If you are looking to put the fun back into the sport of powerlifting then you are in the right place. Rhino is run by lifters for lifters so the people in “charge” understands your frustrations just as well as you do. At RPC everyone has got a voice whether you are a seasoned veteran or a rookie, we will listen!

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events