A Word From Our President

Good day all

This has been a difficult and trying year for RPC powerlifting. Many changes, many unforeseen and tragic losses and departures to the management system as well as a few speed bumps with regards to scheduling and our calendar.

I wish to thank all the athletes that took the issues in stride and with patience. Without you guys and girls there is no platform anyway.

What is behind is behind, and looking back is never the answer, so we move forward.

Looking forward to Nationals and what promises to be a really fun event, this week we will put in all effort to let athletes know who is selected to represent their provinces, and should the athletes wish it, some provinces will be happy to host another qualifier leading up to Nationals to assist lifters in competing at this event.

If there are any queries regarding this, please feel free to contact me.

As for RPC moving forward:

It is important to me that lifters understand that RPC is about powerlifting. Not about politics. Our method of delivery is aimed at a goal, not at a political agenda. With that in mind, RPC will remain focused on trying to deliver competitions that are tough to podium at, simply because competition breeds competition and motivates athletes to work harder. South Africa has a very rich powerlifting history and RPC wishes to make that history part of the future of the sport in South Africa.

Our method of competition is going to change a scratch to allow lifters of all levels to be able to compete against lifters of their level, without being overwhelmed by very high qualifying standards.

Thank you everyone that has always helped RPC in all formats, from platform staff to exco members, and thank you to everyone still doing so.

Martin Smit


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