Rhino Powerlifting Club South Africa is a national Powerlifting club run by lifters for lifters. We are affiliated to the Global Powerlifting Committee (GPC) that provides a platform for our strength athletes to test themselves against the best in the world. The club was founded by Ian Morris in January 2013 and even though we are still a small “federation” we already have several world champions and world records to show for it.

Executive Committee

  • Louis Dunn (President): Louis is a seasoned lifter with 40 years experience in the powerlifting arena on both national and international level. He earned his Springbok colours in 1984 and holds SA and 6 masters world records. He has been crowned as the best of the best numerous times and has 7 world championship titles below his belt. His best lifts as a master lifter in the 100kg equipped class: 302.5kg squat | 202.5kg bench | 315kg (RAW) deadlift.
  • Dan Hurlin (Marketing and Events): National powerlifting champion, GPC World champion and record holder. Daniel also competes in strongman events and bodybuilding.
  • Zoe Bibbings (Technical Director)
  • Rory Scheepers (Marketing and Events)
  • Sharon Fullerton (Secretary)
  • Danel van Jaarsveld (Vice Technical Director)
  • Michael Barnard (Marketing/Admin)
  • Andre Engelbrecht (Marketing and Events)

Welcome To Rhino Powerlifting Club

Deadlift. A powerlifter’s bread and butter.