Just an announcement from RPC EXCO as I am sure there are many questions once everyone has seen the updated poster for the competition.

The decision to switch federations for Draugr Demolition was solely made by Draugr without holding consult with RPC in any way, shape or form, prior to doing so.

As EXCO we had planned to drive down all the equipment and staff needed to host the competition to the standards RPC lifters are accustomed to. All transport and accommodation was arranged to facilitate and host this event.

Apologies to the RPC faithful for that poster making RPC look uninterested or uninvolved.

Our sincere apologies to all RPC lifters who have been preparing and looking forward to this competition. Unfortunately, this was without our knowledge and beyond our control.  

We love Powerlifting and will continue working on growing the sport and the RPC family with goodness, wholesomeness, genuine love, friendship and comradery.


Martin Smit


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