In recent months the RPC Exco has had to face some significant changes.

President Louis Dunn stepped down after 10 years of serving on the Exco for RPC. As a founding member, it has indeed been a sad end to an era. We wish to thank him for – as he put it – paying his due to Powerlifting and RPC.

We also had to say goodbye to other Exco members who has or is moving on, due to responsibilities and other commitments.

Rory Scheepers – Vice President

Eugene Nolan – Marketing and Events

Sharon Fullerton – Secretary

Michael Barnard – Scorekeeper & Website

We want to thank each of these individuals for their unselfish contributions to powerlifting during the time they served on the Exco.

We also dealt with the sad passing of André Engelbrecht, this was not only a huge blow to the Exco, but to powerlifting and the RPC. He is sorely missed and his absence had a ripple effect through many circles.

The Exco is currently restructuring so that we can continue the legacies and build on the hard work of each one of these members.

We will announce the new Exco as soon as we have finalised new members and their roles to serve the RPC.

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