How do I join Rhino?
Simply enter one of our competitions and you are a RPC lifter!
Where can I find forms to enter a competition?
All forms can be found in the documents section under events.
Where can I find a copy of your charter / constitution?
The constitution can be downloaded from the documents page under the Events tab.
Where can I find the GPC rule book?
Download a copy of the rules HERE. Note that some new additions to the rules may be included in the latest version we have on file. The meeting director will make sure that all lifter are briefed before lifting starts.
How do I qualify to compete in the GPC world championships?
There are two ways of making it into the world championship team 1) meet the qualifying standard for that weight class as per the RPC qualifying standards at the RPC national championships 2) you can be selected by the RPC executive committee.
Where can I find the RPC qualifying standards?
You can find the latest version of qualifying standards HERE
How does the qualifying standard table work?
The qualifying standards will indicate what incentive badge is required to qualify to compete in the GPC world championships. You need to cross reference that information to the incentive badge information to see what total you must achieve to earn that incentive badge for your weight class. That total represents the qualifying standard.
Some of the qualifying standards seem very high. How are these standards determined?
The standards were derived from the results of national level competitions and historic data from WPC when it was still active in South Africa. You will find that in most cases the qualifying standard is within 78% to 80% of current world records for a specific weight class.
How does the incentive badges scheme work?
Most people are familiar with the concept of different coloured belts received by people practising martial arts. As you progress you go from white to yellow and so forth. The RPC incentive badge scheme works on the same principle and as people achieve heavier lifts they will progress from one badge to the next. Badges can only be earned by competing in RPC sanctioned events. You can find the incentive tables HERE
I’m interested in powerlifting but I have no idea where to find a training facility?
You can train at any gym but it is recommended that you join a gym that caters for powerlifting. The following list will give you a view of gyms in your area that can assist. Note that we are not promoting any specific gym but we are merely providing you with a list of options.
What is the Reshel formula and how does it work?

The Reshel formula is used in GPC to level the playing field across different weight classes when determining the overall best lifters. Essentially what it does is adjust totals for weight and age differences between participants using a statistically determined multiplier, Example:

John with body weight 109kg and age 25 lifts a total of 800kg. Sam with a body weight of 169kg age 42 also lifts a total of 800kg so who is the stronger lifter. John has got the advantage of age on his side while Sam’s higher body weight should give him some advantage but in absence of some mathematical calculations we will never get to the bottom of this and that is where the Reshel formula comes in. I will eliminate the advantages by multiplying the total with the weight and age “factor” to give an adjusted total which is compared.

In this case John will end up with a total of 709.60kg and Sam 664.37kg which makes John the better lifter. For more information on the Reshel and other formulae used in powerlifting you can follow THIS link.

What is the difference between Raw and Equipped powerlifting?
Lifting Raw means that the participant is only wearing a singlet,knee wraps, wrist wraps and a powerlifting belt. For equipped lifting the participant can wear multi-ply suits or bench shirt for support which enables heavier lifting.
Do you do any form of testing for prohibited substances?
We do not subject our lifters to any form of testing, ever. What you do to your body is your choice and not our responsibility.
Where can I get my record certificate for a record I set at the RPC Nationals last year?
All 2013 certificates have been issued to the regional representatives. If you don’t know where to find these guys then just send an email to and Sharon will assist you with your request.
I already lift with another federation does this prohibit me from lifting with RPC as well?
RPC does not place any restriction on lifters and we welcome lifters from all other federations to participate in our events. Please note that some federations do not allow their lifters to compete outside of that federation and may impose a ban if you do so please check with your federation first.